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Meet The Team


I'm Sumedha Bhise


Accredited Mentor - BWRT

" My genuine interest in people and a wide range of experience in different therapeutic approaches motivates me to bring my best to every therapy session and training programme. I have been a certified therapist since 1998 and deeply involved in the world of BWRT since 2015. As a BWRT Mentor and Trainer, I’m certified in all levels of BWRT, and have a deep familiarity with all aspects of this amazing therapy. I am excited to bring BWRT to India!"

Meet our India Team

Meet the practitioners from India who have made BWRT their method of choice, because it works quickly and effectively to address most of their client's needs.


Level 1, Level 2, Level 3

Gita Jayakumar

Gita runs a practice incorporating over 50 modalities, that reaches a diverse range of clients world over and addresses a range of conditions including: PTSD, Sexual abuse trauma, Performance Anxiety, Depression, Physical symptoms, Grief, Phobias, and more.


Level 1, Level 2

Dr S Suchitra

Suchithra is a psychotherapist with a medical background. Her interest in people and psychology drive her to work towards empowering people in overcoming fears, anxieties, unhelpful habits and also building a good relationship with self and others.

She is certified and trained in other therapy modalities like CBT, SFBT, Art Therapy and Mindfulness as well.

She works with students, couples and individuals to help them live life, the way they wish to.


Level 1

Dr Sumathi Chandrasekaran, PhD

Sumathi is International Happiness Coach, Certified Mindfulness Trainer & Founder of Mind Cafe with an experience of 17 years. She recently published a book, "Be the Happy Mom".

She holds a doctorate in Developmental Psychology, specialized in parenting and has trained more than 20,000 people on various life skills and professional courses as well as touched lives of more than 2000 families through Counseling and Psychotherapy.


Level 1

Soumya Rao

Soumya primarily works with individuals and teenagers & children across wide range of emotional issues. A single mother of a teenager, and two decades in corporate have given her a wide set of personal life experiences that help her understand her client's life and their perspective so she can help them with their goals.


Level 1, Level 2

Liza Mathew

Here to breathe, create magic and enjoy being in the moment. Liza's deep passion to understand herself and help others discover their own magic has started her on this journey of healing. She is a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and has been practicing for close to two decades. 

As a proud mom and an emerging  artist - she works with all age groups in any aspect one chooses to bring a shift and create change. 


Level 1, Level 2

Deepika Goel

Deepika works with diverse age-groups for varied psychological and emotional issues like anxiety, panic, depression, fears, grief, low self-esteem, personal confidence, anger issues, relationship issues and others. Deepika specializes in Marriage and family therapy as well as in group therapy.

Christina M. Ghose.jpg

Level 1

Christina M Ghose

Christina is an entrepreneur, business consultant and a trained therapist. Her journey into healing and therapy began with her own need to navigate through her personal life challenges. On seeing how her own life pivoted, she chose to professionally train to be a therapist and other alternate modalities and help others in similar situations, all while working with her other professional commitments. She has practiced therapy for over a decade.

She works with teens, young adults, individuals, couples and professionals.

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