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If you suffer from any form of psychological or emotional difficulty, just imagine how wonderful it would be to wake up tomorrow morning to discover it had gone. And no matter how hard you searched for it, it remained a thing of the past that simply didn't cause you a problem any more! That happens all the time with BWRT!

Our Practitioner's page has details of therapists who practice in India. You can reach them directly. Or drop a line below, and we will help you connect with a therapist. 

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FAQs about Level 1 Training

Anything you want to know about the training 

Q. Is this training the same as the UK one, though it costs less?

A. Yes. The India training covers all the same material. In fact, all BWRT courses are taught in the same way, in every country where training is available. The fee varies according to the country’s currency.


Q. Does the fee cover certification?

A. Yes, the course fee covers the examination and the certification. Only in the rare case of an initial fail, there is a small additional fee for re-sitting the exam.


Q. What is the time commitment needed post the course?

A. After the course ends, you have two months to revise the material, read the manual and appear for the exam.


Q. What if I cannot schedule the exam within two months?

A. In special cases, you can ask for an extension of time. We find that this is rarely needed. 


Q. Can I work with my clients using BWRT  straightaway?

A. Yes, of course. The training equips you with everything you need to start using this highly effective method immediately.


Q. What issues can I work with using BWRT Level One?

A. You can help your clients with all kinds of anxieties including fear of exams, needles, driving, flying, animals, insects, birds … in fact most phobias take just one session. You can also work with self-worth and self-confidence issues, assertiveness, relationship issues, grief, binge eating, drinking, smoking, mild OCD, and many more. BWRT Level One is all you need with most cases of PTSD. It’s difficult to find an issue that BWRT does not help with. 


Q. If so many issues can be resolved with BWRT Level One, why is there a need for more levels?

A. BWRT Level Two deals with matters of identity and Level Three with psychophysiology. There are also specialist courses. These are for seemingly intractable issues, and BWRT  tends to resolve even these in an astonishingly short span of time. 


Q. Can BWRT be used if the client is on medication?

A. Yes. We do advise contacting the client’s doctor/psychiatrist and you will receive a template of the mail used, in your training material.


Q. After the training, is it possible to “clear doubts” from time to time?

A. Yes, certainly. Within India, our team of therapists will be happy to answer your questions. Across the world, BWRT has a robust system of supervision in place and all BWRT therapists are encouraged to have regular supervision. 

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